Meet Our Team: Introducing Our Assistant Development Manager

Henry Britten Jones

The Blakes Crossing community has been delighted to welcome its newest member – Henry Britten-Jones. Having studied Urban and Regional Planning at UniSA, Henry has been excited to get first hand experience learning about what it takes to establish a UDIA award-winning master planned residential development such as Blakes Crossing – and so far he is impressed.

What makes the Blakes Crossing community a great place to live?

The idea of a development that involves the creation of an entirely new town from scratch is something that legitimately excites me. My experience has shown that many other new housing developments involve a “cut and paste” ideology and fail to consider the idea of community.

Communities are important to Lendlease and this is evident if you just take a short drive through the village heart of Blakes Crossing. The roads are beautifully landscaped, there are school children running around their community veggie garden and there are families spending time around the central lake, watching the local pelican that visits every few days.

This year Blakes Crossing won the UDIA National Awards for Excellent for a Masterplanned Development. Why? 

Blakes Crossing has succeeded in making a development that is an attractive place to spend time. There is a landscaped creek that runs through the middle of the development. There are parks, reserves and areas of public open space packed with facilities for families to spend time in. There is a high-quality school and an economic hub where you can find stores including Aldi, Woolworths and National Pharmacies. Each home has access to recycled water and high speed fibre optic internet. All these things combined make Blakes Crossing an impressive place to live.

What are some of the housing options available in the Blakes Crossing community? 

There’s such a variety of housing styles at Blakes Crossing.

There are modern townhouses that look out over the central lake which are perfect for first home buyers.

There are 4 bedroom homes that are large enough to cater for a growing family.

Plus, there’s everything in-between that will cater for smaller families, downsizers and older couples.

Blakes Crossing truly is a community that anyone will feel welcome in. If people are in the market to buy [a new home] they must put Blakes Crossing on their list of places to check out.

There is so much more than just the housing too. There’s the school, childcare centres, a full sized multi use oval, local food and shopping. There’s only so many lots that will become available at Blakes Crossing, so people should check it out soon!

What has surprised you about working at Blakes Crossing? What are some of the logistics that go into setting up such a comprehensive master planned community? 

I’ve been surprised by the amount of effort that goes in to connecting with the community.

Lendlease employ subcontractors that provide work to people [living with disabilities through] the Bedford group. This helps to provide jobs to those who have traditionally found it difficult to secure work due to physical or mental disadvantages.

Lendlease set up a community garden for the Year 5 class in the local school to learn about plant life and gardening.

There are initiatives to promote keeping an attractive front garden [where residents] can win a monthly prize.

All these things can be difficult to organise but the team at Blakes Crossing truly enjoy every bit of it.

Can you introduce us to the team at Blakes Crossing? 

The engineers and builders who are out on site every day are amazing. They consistently come up with unique ways to solve problems and avoid delays, all while keeping Blakes Crossing one of the safest construction sites in Australia.

The sales team, marketing and finance teams are always paying attention to the customers to make sure we can provide the things they truly need. All these operations are overseen by the Development Manager. He works hard to make sure all these operations work smoothly. It’s a fantastic process to watch and be involved in.