Blakes Crossing Parents enjoy community spirit

Blakes Crossing News


Lendlease in partnership with Playgroup SA and Blakes Crossing residents are holding weekly sessions for new parents to connect with other growing families in the landmark community.

Blakes Crossing’s new Parents and Bubs group have been meeting for six weeks creating a safe and fun environment for residents and their toddlers encouraging healthy relationships and social skills.

Sonia Ziaee, who manages the program, said the initiative was a great way to foster a sense of community. 

Sonia who lives in Blakes Crossing was keen to get the program started and with the assistance from Lendlease, it has been a hit with the community. “It provides an opportunity for our family and others to come together and get to know each other. The kids look forward to it each week.” Sonia said. 

Interested Blakes Crossing parents can join the group each Friday at Blakes Crossing Sales and Information Centre for two hours, from 9.30am, - 11.30am. Food and drinks also provided.

Blakes Crossing upon completion will be home to 4,000 residents and facilities to cater to growing families. The Stepping Stones childcare and early development centre are now open. As well as the exciting new adventure playground, community oval, 1.4-hectare park and lake spanning approximately 100m across. With lush green lawns, kids playground and barbeque facilities for gatherings are at the heart of the community.

For more information please contact:

Rachael Cochrane

State Manager, External Affairs, WA

[email protected]

0477 355 545