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At Blakes Crossing, your children will be able to play and learn close to home



The Blakes Crossing Childcare Centre is now open.

Stepping Stone is 100% owned and operated by South Australians, with an established reputation for providing quality local service, education and care.

You can visit the brand new centre at 12 Boucaut Avenue, Blakeview. Ph: (08) 7231 1774, or visit their website at

Craigmore Road Early Learning and Kinder is now open. To enquire or make a booking please contact


Opened in 2014, Blakes Crossing Christian College is now a part of the thriving Blakes Crossing community.

The College is nearing completion and is now accepting enrolments for Reception to Year 11.  The school will eventually cater for around 700 students, Reception to Year 12 in 2021.

Information packs are available at the Sales and Information Centre or at Blakes Crossing Christian College.

In addition to the college, there are a number of schools in the local area including Blakeview Primary and private school Trinity College.

Nido Early School is your family’s home away from home. To find out more about Nido Early School’s premium child care offering, get in touch today:

Nido Early School
5 Main Terrace, Blakeview
Phone: 7078 2629

For more information on childcare and education at Blakes Crossing contact us.

TAFE and Tertiary Education

The TAFE Elizabeth and TAFE Gawler campuses are both conveniently located close to Blakes Crossing.