Living Here

Development Updates


Information provided below is correct as of December 2018.

The Blakes Crossing site is a hive of activity with construction now progressing at a strong pace in Burnlea North. We thank you for your patience as we construct your new lots and look forward to welcoming you to your new home.

Please take this opportunity to update your conveyancer, bank, and builder for current settlement forecast dates.

Development to Date

Since launching in 2010, Blakes Crossing has been developing at a strong rate and is one of the top performers in Adelaide’s northern corridor.

We have sold over 1,000 lots thorough our Woodhaven, Waterglen, Hayfield villages. We are currently moving through the final Burnlea Village and Burnlea North stages which will be taking place over the next 18 months.

To date over 200 allotments in Burnlea have sold and construction has commenced on the next stage. Our Sales and Information Centre is open 7 days a week at 87 Main Terrace, and Display Home Village is open on Monday’s, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 5pm.

Burnlea Stages 1 – 5

Located north east of the development and is close to the Blue Tongue Creek walking and hiking trails.

All of these allotments have sold and houses are under construction. The streetscapes are due to be complete in the coming weeks.

A warm welcome to our new residents who have already moved into their homes and future Burnlea Parade and associated address residents who will be moving in soon!

Burnlea Stages 6 – 11 and 13

Burnlea 6 has been is a very important stage for Blakes Crossing as it provides a new road connection over Bluetongue Creek. The new section of the creek is home to a freshly landscaped area with gym equipment, grass areas, benches, over 180 newly planted trees and 1000s of new plants!
Civil construction is complete and most of the allotments have sold.

Burnlea Stage 12

Fences around Burnlea Stage 12 came down on Friday 6th July 2018 and we have continued with minor works over the past fortnight regarding footpath works, allotment tidying and pegging.

With the majority of works now completed, residents and builders are encouraged to come on site for surveying, soil testing or building commencement.

Please note that the Bentley Road upgrade will be commencing soon, so we recommend to avoid using this road.

Burnlea North Stage 1 – 8

The Burnlea North Releases will be the final allotments that Lendlease will develop and sell at Blakes Crossing.
Civil works are scheduled to commence in late 2018 and run until around 2020.
Release 1, 2 and 3 have been on sale to the public for the past few months, with the last few releases being offered in 2019.
Civil works for Release 1 and 2 are underway and Release 3 have just started.
Please check back for more details and updates in the coming months.

Infrastructure and landscape

We have made great progress in building infrastructure for the community. Scoular Road now crosses over Bluetongue Creek. This connects the north-eastern side of the development with the established Park Terrace and the Hayfield Village.
The final landscaping to Park Terrace was recently completed, and the streetscapes in Burnlea 2-5 and Hayfield 29-32 have also recently been completed.
Streetscape landscaping in Burnlea Stages 6-8 has recently commenced and will be followed by Stages 9-13 and Stage 12.
Ultra-high speed Fibre to the premises by Opticomm has now been installed at Blakes Crossing, providing fast internet to residents.
Lawder Road is due to be sealed for the first time later this year, and the Bentley Road upgrade has recently commenced. This upgrade will significantly affect the traffic that uses this road on a daily basis. Lendlease would recommend that people seek an alternative route, or use the detour route as signed. Works on this road upgrade is scheduled to be complete in February 2019.
Blakes Crossing also opened a new road connection in and out of the development from Main North Road via Hayfield Avenue which is great news for the existing residents in this area.

Parks, playgrounds and sportsgrounds

We are building spaces for you to relax, interact and be active.
Bluetongue Creek is open for the community to use. The area offers a freshly landscaped space with gym equipment, grass areas, picnic benches, over 180 newly planted trees and 1000s of new plants!
Our newest reserve will be the Burnlea 12 Reserve and is due for completion in mid 2019.
The Reserve will be a large community park with a barbeque and meeting area, a playground, grass kickabout area and lots of new trees and native planting. Lendlease love being given the opportunity to develop these areas as it helps us to create great places and communities.