Youth program creates positive pathways for young people to thrive

REKON Youth Foundation has been working with Yarrabilba youth since 2019, creating a supportive and inclusive environment for young people to connect, find a sense of belonging and provide opportunities for skill development.


REKON Youth Foundation is creating a supportive and inclusive space for Yarrabilba youth to thrive. By promoting positive inter-communal relationships and social engagement, enabling this kind of welcoming environment helps to improve young people’s self-esteem, encourage cooperation and redirect them away from anti-social behaviours.

REKON Director Rolando Pisia, who has been working in the youth and community sector for 20 years, started the program in 2019 to support and encourage young people in the Logan region to live life to its full potential.

REKON delivers programs ranging from sporting workshops like basketball and volleyball, touch football, innovative creative arts workshops like music production and song recording and t-shirt creation, street art and cultural workshops, gaming and much more.

Rolando said the program uses the commonality of cultural settings that are relevant and attractive to young people to guide, support and transform their interests into vocational training and employment success.

“Simply put, we want to provide a service that supports young people who are or could become offenders, change their behaviours and improve community connection,” said Rolando.

“To date REKON has engaged over 10,000 young people across Brisbane.

“With funding from the Logan City Council and Department of Communities, REKON has delivered community connection programs three days a week in three locations, Loganlea, Yarrabilba and Kingston.”

What's coming for REKON this year

In 2023, REKON is planning to deliver a new initiative in Yarrabilba called the RE-VAMP project.

The program (to be delivered at The Buzz at Yarrabilba), will focus on building the social, emotional skills of youth through a diverse, trauma informed 10-week curriculum with one-on-one mentoring. With this evidence-based, strength-focused process, youth are given tools that assist in building their confidence, character and integrity – leading them to live resiliently and to attain their personal goals and career aspirations.

“On completion of the program, each participant will gain positive social skills, emotional regulation capabilities, a creative outlet, cultural expression, leadership skills, pathways to further training, education, employment or business and a certificate 2 in workplace skills,” said Rolando.

“Our aim throughout this program is early intervention with young children and young people in vulnerable families to ensure their health, education, safety and wellbeing needs are met.

“Young people with early or low-level offending are engaged in education and training, and are supported to address their behaviours. RE-VAMP uses evidence based theories, and a strength based approach to create a program that is unique, and relevant that resonates with the youth, to accomplish the desired aims and outcomes.”

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The Buzz at Yarrabilba is a welcoming and connecting community hub for the emerging community at Yarrabilba, QLD. The centre is proudly powered by The Y (part of the YMCA Brisbane).

With the local community in mind, the Y hopes to bring lots of fun events, training and skills programs, inviting activities for young people, adults and families, as well as providing important community services that offer guidance and support for people in need.

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