Yarrabilba's Outdoor Art Gallery

Yarrabilba's Outdoor Art Gallery

Lendlease launched a public art program in 2016 that highlights and strengthens the diverse culture of Queensland’s most successful community, Yarrabilba and the greater Logan region.

Yarrabilba’s Public Art Strategy encompasses both permanent and temporary artworks. All artworks endeavour to enhance the public realm, acknowledging Yarrabilba’s rich history and indigenous culture, it’s vibrant community, and environment. 

Some are co-created with community, others provide a landmark or wayfinding element. They are interpretive, interactive, integrated, commemorative, or simply provide a memorable point of interest.

“Over the next 30 years, Yarrabilba public art will reflect, explore and elevate the aspirations of residents, enabling us to create the best places and build a place of belonging.” ~ General Manager for Communities in Queensland, Guy Gibson


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