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Yarrabilba Netball shooting goals

Yarrabilba Netball shooting goals for an inclusive and active community

Back in action! Yarrabilba netball superstars are shining bright for this year’s season, as the local sporting club goes from strength to strength, welcoming 5-17 olds to take to the court in 2022.


Yarrabilba Netball Club President Serena Johansson said the sport has grown significantly in the past two years, evolving from five to now 11 teams.


“There was a great need to have a localised netball club in our community, bringing families together and promoting an active, healthy lifestyle for children, while teaching them teamwork and discipline,” said Serena.


“I remember one local mum saying, if we don’t have a netball club in Yarrabilba, her children will stop playing the sport, as it was too hard travelling for training.


“My eldest daughters play the sport and have made so many new friends. It’s wonderful to see how a sport can bring families and the community together.”


Yarrabilba Netball Club is part of the Jimboomba Netball Association, utilising the courts at Yarrabilba State Secondary College and San Damiano College.




“Yarrabilba Netball has brought our community together, we are more than a club, we are a family,” said Serena.

“We’ve seen so many young girls shine, build their confidence and enjoy being part of a team. We’ve even had parents tell me that their children’s behaviour and anxiety have eased because of our netball club.

“There’s been growing interest from women in our community to form a female team. It’s definitely something we are considering.”


The new season kicked off in March. To get involved or learn more about the club click here.

Netball 1_1180x425.jpg