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Yarrabilba leaders a shining example for school community

Yarrabilba leaders a shining example for school community

As the Yarrabilba community celebrates its 10th birthday this year, Yarrabilba State Secondary College marks their own milestone, as the 2022 School Leaders embark upon the school’s very first senior secondary program.

The class of 14 students who took part in a formal leadership induction ceremony as nominated school leaders include; Deshan Wong, Emelia-Jade Wright, Gabriella Martinez, Mangope Kasindi, Michael Gerrard-Elsmore, Phoenix Pattison, Rowenta Bade, Sidharth Singh, Storm Burns and Summer Wilks, Kim Ali, Josh Collins, Savannah Hallgath and Mike Allen.

School Principal Belinda Tregea said it was a big achievement for the school to have their first Year 10 students.

“For the past 2.5 years, our school has played an important role in our growing community, supporting and nurturing the next generation to prepare them with the skills to become tomorrow’s leaders,” she said.

“We are very purposeful in providing leadership opportunities to our students throughout every level of our College,” she said.

“By the time our first cohort reaches Year 12, we are confident they will have well developed skills based on their areas of personal strength and well-practised at representing the College at official functions, leading the students through the student council both in and outside the college and being strong ambassadors for our College and wider community.

“Our Term 4, Week 10 Leadership Development Program in 2021 brought out the best in our nominated leaders and identified their personal strengths. A leadership camp built on this program by honing team work, critical thinking, communication, resilience, service and collaboration skills.”


Get to know some of the school leaders and their goals for 2022

Deshan Wong

This year I will be assisting with Qld Mental Health Week 2022. This is important to staff, students, and our community because a lot of people suffer with Mental Health issues.

One school value that resonates with me is collaboration - because I am a team player and Collaboration is our college’s focus value this year.  I believe that together we are better.

Emelia-Jade Wright

I would like to implement a colour fun run at YSSC because it’ll be a fun activity. It could also be a dollar donation to participate and if every/most students participate, YSSC would raise quite a bit of money.

I resonate with the value “character” because I’m always encouraging people on and supporting them in any tasks that may happen. I am there to bring team spirit and a fun, enjoyable environment.

Gabriella Martinez

One thing I would like to lead and implement in our college is to make an EKKA to fundraise money for school supplies. This is important for getting enough school supplies for students such as getting sports equipment, notebooks and computers.

My career pathway is to become a runway model/ fashion designer. After I graduate from YSSC there’s certain goals I want to achieve such as earning enough money to be able to travel the world.    

Mangope Kasindi

This year I will be assisting with Qld Mental Health Week 2022. Queensland mental health week is important to me because my friends and I get to talk about our mental health and discuss any issues. Collaboration is good, we are not alone.

My future pathway is aerospace engineering, to get there I’m going to start by doing job placement at an aerospace company, and also getting a Bachelor degree in aerospace engineering.


Adding to Yarrabilba’s exciting school facilities, a new state primary school has been confirmed for our new precinct, The Parks, and will open in 2023. It will be the fifth school for Yarrabilba, which will have a total of 11 schools on completion.

The State Government and Lendlease have previously announced an investment of more than $24 million to provide vital new infrastructure to service the school and The Parks.

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