Yarrabilba Fire and Rescue ringing the sirens in station milestone

The Yarrabilba Fire and Rescue Station are ringing the sirens in celebration as it transitions from an auxiliary outfit to a 24-7 operation, with 23 full-time staff.

Ready for action, it’s all bells and whistles at the Yarrabilba Fire and Rescue Station which now services our community with a 24-7 operation – a massive milestone in our community’s ongoing safety.

The $4.7 million state of the art facility, officially opened in July 2021, was designed to cater to our growing catchment and ensure residents safety now and into the future.

The facility is now delivering enhanced services to the Yarrabilba community providing a boost for our frontline firefighting services in the area.

Yarrabilba Fire and Rescue Station Officer Chris Thompson said the station provides a timely response to emergency incidents within Yarrabilba and surrounding areas.

“The new fire station provides a world class facility to operate from. In addition to emergency response, the Yarrabilba firefighters also work within the community conducting building fire safety inspections, fire education in schools and community education events,” said Chris.

“In September 2022, the Yarrabilba Fire and Rescue Station transitioned to a full-time station. This means there are firefighters on shift at the station 24/7, 365 days of the year, ready for immediate response.

“By having full-time personnel located at the station, crews can respond to emergency incidents with no delay. In addition, this transition also allows those crews to better familiarise themselves with the surrounding area and engage more with the community through school visits and other community events.”

Yarrabilba Fire Station.jpeg

FF Dan Martin, SFF Alan Derges, Station Officer Andy Rose, FF James Cervi

Community fire and storm safety tips

Yarrabilba and the surrounding areas are nestled in some beautiful bushland. This bushland can at times bring increased fire threat, especially during the warmer months.

“Residents can stay prepared by ensuring any loose or dead vegetation is regularly cleaned up around the house, cleaning leaves and debris from gutters and most importantly, having a bushfire survival plan,” said Chris.

“The QFES website has come great tips to assist with your plan, click here to visit the website.

“It is currently storm season in Queensland, and with that comes flooding. Residents should prepare their homes now for storm season by securing loose items around the house. Additionally, be prepared for flooding. Flash flooding can happen quickly and without warning. Never drive or play in floodwaters, remember, if its flooded, forget it. The QFES website has some great information about storm and flood safety.”

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