Turning the dream of home ownership into reality

Turning the dream of home ownership into reality

Determined to plant solid foundations for her two-year-old daughter’s future, single mum, Sophie Burns has built her dream home in Yarrabilba, following some key budgeting hacks that made home ownership achievable.

Moving from the Gold Coast to Yarrabilba in 2021, Sophie was drawn to the family-friendly amenities, close-knit community and peaceful lifestyle.

“This is my first home and as a solo mum and 26-year-old, it is a great feeling of achievement. I live with my daughter and my mum, who helps look after her,” said Sophie.

“I chose to build in Yarrabilba due to the community vibes. Since moving, we have become close friends with our neighbours, enjoy get togethers, the markets, the quiet streets and the parks. It’s the perfect environment for raising my daughter.

”For many millennials and single parents, the thought of buying a home for the first time can be daunting, especially in the current property market, but Sophie proves that being a homeowner is a reality that is well within reach in Yarrabilba.Sophie’s money saving tips for first home buyers.

To start her home ownership journey, Sophie said the best money saving tip was creating three bank accounts.

Account 1  All incoming money and outgoing money to enter and leave this account.

Account 2  Savings account for emergencies and ‘treats’ (you make your own budget limit on this). Sophie’s was $2,000, as soon as it reached $2,000, she transferred $1,000 over to account number 3.

Account 3  Home deposit saving account, this account is untouchable. Nothing ever leaves this account.

Picture perfect, Sophie’s luxe kitchen that was built on a budget


Home deposit in hand and the ideal location in Yarrabilba sorted, Sophie said she worked with her builder, Dwyer Quality Homes to ensure her build journey remained within her budget.

This included talking with the builder to create separate contracts for landscaping, fencing, solar and security screens, upcycling furniture and purchasing her own lighting.

“It was important for me to build on a budget as I was certain I didn’t want a standard cookie cutter home, but to achieve that costs money and lots of it,” said Sophie.

“I had to come up with changes that enabled me to get the look I was after but without spending as much as you would think. I did blow most of my budget on the kitchen island, but to save money I went with plain white cabinetry.

“When it came to electrical, I supplied the builder with all the downlights, pendants and wall lights myself. This gave me the freedom with my choices and saved me a fortune. I also removed all the wardrobes and ended up installing a more affordable BOAXEL system from Ikea. Other ways I saved was purchasing curtain rails, curtains, blinds and mirrors from Spotlight, Ikea and Bunnings.

”Sophie is excited for her future in Yarrabilba. To see more of her top budgeting hacks, follow Sophie’s Instagram page, The Burns Build!