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Schools in at Yarrabilba

Schools in at Yarrabilba!
Artist impression of St Clare’s new library


One of the ingredients of being a successful school is having places and spaces for students to learn, play and grow, and for teachers to engage and collaborate.

Exciting developments are taking place at St Clare’s Primary School and San Damiano College, with the construction of much-anticipated new classrooms, a library, and undercover area.

St Clare’s Primary School Principal Michael McInerney said the school community was excited about this next chapter of growth for education in Yarrabilba, ready for students arriving in 2022.

“These six new classrooms and library will extend our ability to offer more children an opportunity to experience a high quality, contemporary education steeped in a rich Catholic tradition,” he said.

“We expect all our students to achieve to the best of their ability, enriching their talents through challenging, exciting and contemporary educational experiences, which is what these new facilities will allow us to do.”

Artist impression of new classrooms at St Clare’s Primary School


At San Damiano College, two state-of-the-art buildings are planned for construction in 2022 and to be fully operational in 2023 to cater for an additional cohort of 90 Year 7 students.

School Principal Peter Edwards said the new school facilities would bring the predicted Years 7-9 2023 enrolments to 250 students.

“The master plan indicates that the two new buildings will include dedicated spaces for music and drama classrooms and performance and practice spaces. This will allow us to expand our offerings in the arts, which allows our students the extra freedom to express themselves through performance,” he said.

“Additional design and technology learning areas will focus on built design and vocational education pathways, which will provide our hands-on learners with an ideal space to undertake learning catered to their post school requirements.

“Visual arts studios will cater for pottery, as well as digital design studios and gallery spaces. An additional science laboratory will add to our science spaces. An additional six flexible learning areas will enhance the delivery of our curriculum.


San Damiano College Principal Peter Edwards with students


Adding to Yarrabilba’s exciting new school facilities, a new state primary school has been confirmed for our new precinct, The Parks, and will open in 2023. It will be the fifth school for Yarrabilba, which will have a total of 11 schools on completion.

The State Government and Lendlease have previously announced an investment of more than $24 million to provide vital new infrastructure to service the school and The Parks.