Ready to take charge and save big?! Reduce your cost of living at Yarrabilba.

Great news for Yarrabilba residents! A solar battery incentive, a bespoke resident offer from Origin and now a $1000 offer from the State Government. Let’s unpack all the savings you could be entitled to!

A new bill busting energy efficient appliance rebate is on offer for residents, let’s see what savings are on offer and how you can apply! 

Yarrabilba residents will be able to save up to $1,000 when purchasing energy efficient appliances to help bring down electricity bills. 

How it works 

Starting next month, approximately 40,000 Queenslanders can claim a new rebate of up to $1,000 for eligible households. This adds to existing electricity bill rebates of $550 and $1,072 for senior and concession card holders.  

State Government’s $22 million Smart Energy Savers program aims to reduce living costs by offering rebates on energy-efficient appliances. The rebate benefits low-income households the most, but all Queenslanders are eligible for cost-of-living support on specific appliances.  

To qualify for the low-income component, applicants must meet the ATO's Low Income Tax Offset threshold. More information is available here:Queensland Savers  


Take charge of your new home purchase 
New Yarrabilba buyers who have purchased land or a house and land package after July 1, 2023, can take advantage of Lendlease’s $7,000 solar battery incentive, which would go towards a battery system for homeowners to connect to their home solar systems on a new home build. 

The incentive is a big drawcard for home buyers looking for smart ways to reduce their household expenses, and future-proof their homes. 

Click here to take advantage of Lendlease’s new solar PV and battery incentive and reduce your cost of living. 


Solar savings just for you at Yarrabilba 

Are you an existing Yarrabilba resident and think you have missed out? Not to worry, there’s something for you too! Origin is offering all Yarrabilba residents an irresistible offer you simply can’t miss, prices are coming down, down, down on all solar systems at Origin for Yarrabilba residents only, with serious savings on solar panels and an inverter, a battery to store your solar energy or both. So, make sure you take advantage of this hot new discount with Origin, available to all Yarrabilba residents for a limited time only! So be sure to ask our friendly sales team for more information or reach out to Origin to find out how much you can save as a Yarrabilba resident!  

Click here to find out more information about Origin’s special offer only for Yarrabilba residents.