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Ready to play

Ready to play – Yarrabilba’s parks a big drawcard for families!

For Jason and Naomi Griffiths, life is naturally better in Yarrabilba, with the range of parks, nature-play areas and reserves a big drawcard to them setting up solid foundations for their family’s future in the community.

Surrounded by an expansive natural environment, the family are in the final stages of building their dream home in Wickham Rise, a short walk from the newly opened Neumann Park.

“Yarrabilba offers our family the perfect lifestyle and we love the fact that there are so many parks in the community, perfect for our three young girls,” said Jason.

“We have previously been renting in Yarrabilba for five years and decided we wanted to build a life here for our family and are now building our dream home, a short walk to Neumann Park.

“We came from big backyards in NSW and at Yarrabilba, the parks are an extension of our outdoor space. There’s so many play areas for our children and they are very excited by the prospect of the four new parklands.”

Neumann Park is the newest park to open in Yarrabilba, offering a nature-based playground and nearby rock shelters that demonstrate a direct link to the past and traditional owners.

The park has been designed to encourage children to actively play within the natural surroundings and is focused on movement between spaces and levels, discovery and learning.

The park has been a big drawcard for Yarrabilba children and parents, a perfect destination for coffee catch-ups with friends and neighbours, a great new regional destination within the Plunkett Conservation Park for hikers and nature enthusiasts and a space for young and old to immerse themselves in the natural environment.

“There is a real sense of community here in Yarrabilba and the parks are a great place for us to get out of the house, especially for our three girls,” said Jason.

“There is so much growth happening here. It’s really exciting to see, especially the new parks being built and new sporting amenities.”

Let’s hear from nine-year-old Scarlett Griffiths – one of our younger residents, on why she loves Yarrabilba’s parks.

“Parks are so important in a community so that kids can go out and play and play on the playground and use their imagination to play whatever they like, like me and my sisters do.”

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