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Planting the seeds for the 'green heart' of Yarrabilba

Planting the seeds for the ‘green heart’ of Yarrabilba

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Inspired by the natural surroundings, Eureka Landscapes is working with the Lendlease team at Yarrabilba to create a truly peaceful retreat at The Parks, protecting the existing fauna to ensure residents live at one with the nature.

The new premium precinct will open a new southern front for our community that is closer to the picturesque Plunkett Conservation Park, with more than 35 per cent of The Parks dedicated to parklands and green space. Throughout the site, close to half a million trees and native species will be planted.

Eureka Landscapes Foreman Heath Pyatt has been working in Yarrabilba since the community’s inception, creating sustainable and liveable environments that enhance the unique lifestyle, while maintaining the natural habitat.

“Currently, we’re landscaping the connector roads, streetscapes and retained vegetation interfaces for The Parks. This entails installation and maintenance of trees, plants, mulching, turfing and Porphyry entry walls,” said Heath.

“The retained vegetation is one of the key features in Yarrabilba and The Parks. By retaining the existing fauna, it reinforces connection to the natural area, while also providing a good aesthetic, habitat, and instant shade.

“A big part of our work is maintaining ‘The Parks’ natural areas. This will be achieved by using a vegetation management plan. An example of the plan would be weed management through removing and planting natives to suppress weeds coming back.”

As one of Australia’s first 6-Star Green Star rated communities, Yarrabilba’s new precinct will boast expansive green areas, including four new parks and a linear open space.

Lendlease has been supporting studies, site visits and mapping of local vegetation to understand the local habitat. They have also engaged the traditional owners (Yugambeh people) to help guide and identify the natural areas of significance.

“The proposed planting throughout The Parks will consist of pronominally of native species to Yarrabilba. They suit the site conditions and will provide natural habitat and within The Parks portion of development, we’ll plant close to half a million new trees and plants,” said Heath.

“The Parks will connect the community to each other and culture through immersion. A centre spine of open spaces will provide a network that supports active, healthy lifestyle while recognising natural features, culture and placemaking.”

Learn more about buying land at The Parks.