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Only days to go to apply for Yarrabilba Community Grants Program

Only days to go to apply for Yarrabilba Community Grants Program

A partnership between Lendlease and the Community Enterprise Foundation, the Yarrabilba Community Grants Program, has been developed to build Yarrabilba’s capacity, create stronger local connections and support local recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.

Since the program’s inception in 2015, over $346,000 in funds has been awarded to local projects within the Yarrabilba community. This latest round is open until July 26 and offers grants up to $3,000 from a total funding pool of $25,000.

REKON Youth Outreach Service were successful in receiving two Yarrabilba Community Grants, helping it to deliver innovative and creative workshops of music production and recording, DJing, street art, t-shirt creation and sporting activities.

The first $3,000 grant was to help launch their program in Yarrabilba, delivering eight free after school workshops at the start of 2020.

The second grant of $5,500 will help REKON host a community event, which is planned for end of July 2021.

During term 4 at Yarrabilba State Secondary College, 130 young people attended the weekly workshops every Thursday afternoon.


“Since the start of 2021, we have engaged a total of 2,708 youth in Yarrabilba through Term 1 and Term 2,” said REKON Youth Outreach Service Founder/Director Rolando Pisia.

“The Yarrabilba Community Grants Program is important to be able to empower the community to engage in programs that matter to them. More grants should be given to groups who are making a positive impact in the community.”

Applications for this round of the Community Grants, will be assessed based on whether the local projects support Yarrabilba’s COVID-19 recovery, demonstrate environmental sustainability and more efficient use of local resources, and their ability to activate public recreational space.

For more information, see the Program Snapshot. 

To submit your application, please go to Community Enterprise Foundation

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