Mitchell family make dream life a reality

Life now tastes a little sweeter for the Mitchell family, welcoming their daughter Honey just four days after receiving the keys to their forever home at Yarrabilba.

Shortly after receiving the keys to their forever home at Yarrabilba, Kahlia and Braiden Mitchell experienced an even sweeter moment, welcoming a new addition to their family – a precious little girl named Honey. 

Previously purchasing a home in the community in 2020, the Mitchell’s wanted to build their dream home in The Parks, ensuring their growing family had plenty of room as their four children get older. 

“After purchasing our land in December 2021, we moved in on July 7, 2023, building with Simonds Homes. We had an amazing experience with them, as they built us the perfect home with a great amount of space to cater for us all,” said Kahlia. 

“The feeling of moving back into Yarrabilba felt like we were coming back to the centre of our hearts. We would visit our home while it was being built every morning and night after we would do the pick up at their local daycare.  

“The kids were so excited to watch the progress of their home being built and also their big school (South Rock State School), that they’ll be attending in years to come. It was a special experience for us all as a family.” 

Kahlia said along with establishing a new life and building friendships in the community, it was wonderful to welcome their daughter, Honey a few days after moving in. 

“We welcomed out little girl just four days after receiving the keys to our forever home, and it felt so special and right to bring her to our home as we know she, alongside her big brothers, will grow up being surrounded by such an amazing community,” she said. 

“We have made friends with almost everyone on our street. We met through our Instagram building page and we can’t wait until the families move in so our kids can have some nearby friends to play with. 

“I’m looking forward to our community getting bigger, and for our kids to have such an amazing network around them. We feel so safe in Yarrabilba, the daycare that our kids attend have introduced us to a great set of families, helping us to build such beautiful relationships locally.”  


Kahlia shares her top tips to achieve home ownership 

Creating a bright future for their family of six, Kahlia and Braiden Mitchell are a great example of making the dream of home ownership a reality. 

Being 23 with four children, the couple’s advice for other young families is to tap into the knowledge of the facilities surrounding them. 

“Some advice would be to find a great mortgage broker who can really see your vision and make it a reality. Ours was Carly from Mortgage Choice and she was just as invested into making our lifestyle dreams come to real life,” Kahlia said. 

“Make use of the fantastic Lendlease team and register to secure your block of land. Yarrabilba is a fantastic place to call home, and we see ourselves here forever.” 

Yarrabilba offers so much more than just house and land. It offers a lifestyle for families or those looking for a fresh start.  

A community to gather, celebrate, play and grow, start your next chapter by visiting our friendly sales team, now situated on Prospect Circuit, Yarrabilba. 

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