Leading the way in creating a sustainable community

Passionate about sustainable infrastructure and empowering residents to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, meet Lendlease Graduate Sustainability Coordinator, Theresia James.

The Yarrabilba community is renowned for creating an inclusive, healthy and adaptable place for residents now and into the future.

Behind the scenes, a team of sustainability experts is working to ensure the community blends harmonious with the natural environment.

Meet the friendly new face of the sustainability team, Theresia J, who has taken on the role of Sustainability Coordinator through the Lendlease Graduate Program.

With a background in architecture and construction, Theresia has worked both behind the desk drawing up plans and on site as a general labourer.

Her experience has allowed her to become familiar with the back and front end of the building industry.

“Ever since I was a child, I have been passionate about the environment and how through the built environment we can make the world more sustainable, which is why I studied architecture at university,” she said.

“I’ve always wanted to do my best to help people and the planet. At university, some of the most enjoyable assignments were community master planning projects. I was first introduced to Lendlease through a uni project - we studied Lendlease’s Brisbane Showgrounds. These experiences fuelled a passion for community development - in particular, sustainable community development. Fast forward to last year, I was looking for a career that could cater to this passion and I found out about a role with Lendlease’s Graduate Program - sustainable development. I knew I had to apply!

“My role as sustainability coordinator entails communicating with different stakeholders- so  consultants, construction contractors and community members of Yarrabilba, to help coordinate initiatives that allow Yarrabilba to operate as sustainability as possible.”

Theresia has been undertaking training with the Green Building Council for the Green Star rating tool, getting an understanding of Lendlease’s ambitious Mission Zero commitments and what this means to the Yarrabilba project, preparing factsheets to help people understand some of the sustainablityand circular economy initiatives, and making contact with community members.

“I am very passionate about sustainable infrastructure, youth and healthy sustainable lifestyles. I am excited to help implement some sustainable initiatives at work that involve the kids at Yarrabilba – they are our future,” she said.

“Projects I will be working on in 2023, include organising a native tree planting day with some of the local schools in the community, to increase native biodiversity and to help educate the youth on the importance of biodiversity.

“I will also be working on helping implement the next phase of the builder’s waste trial, recycling the waste that comes off building sites at Yarrabilba. I hope to build upon the incredible work that has been achieved by the community in conjunction with Lendlease, helping strengthen community development for increased social capacity, resilience, engagement and sustainability.”

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