Growing a greener future in Yarrabilba

Digging deep to help our community thrive, Year 9 students from San Damiano College joined the team from Natura Pacific and Lendlease to deliver the “Connecting Communities Project.”

Building a greener future, Year 9 students from San Damiano College have helped cultivate a sustainable community here in Yarrabilba, planting 85 native seedlings for the “Connecting Communities Program.”

The students, who have previously learnt about the carbon cycle in the classroom, went out in the school grounds to dig deep, planting their own natives alongside Natura Pacific and Lendlease.

The group were further educated by the team from Natura on climate change, the carbon cycle and the role of native plants in carbon sequestration.

Leaving a lasting legacy, the students were each given a name tag for their plant, so they will be able to watch it grow in the coming years.

The plant species ranged from Melaleuca sieberi, Leptospermum polygalifolium, through to Goodenia ovatifolia and Acacia fimbriata.

San Damiano College Pathways Program Leader Sheree Senyard said the students had the privilege of working with Theresia, Lendlease Sustainability Coordinator, to discuss their goal of creating a sustainable community for all, focusing on carbon elimination.

“Focus was placed on the carbon cycle and human interactions that cause a negative impact on the environment,” she said.

“A team from Natura Pacific and Lendlease came to the college, to deliver our Connecting Communities Project. Students were further educated about the carbon cycle, climate change and the role of native plants in carbon sequestration.

“The students then chose 'their' own native plant and planted it around the lake at the front of the college. They each were given a name tag for their plant, so they are able to identify their plant in years to come.

“Thank you to all of the amazing people involved in the Connecting Communities Project, the Year 9s had a fantastic time.”

Natura Pacific Ecologist Kimberly Martyn said there has been an ongoing relationship between Lendlease and Natura to create a thriving and sustainable community at Yarrabilba.

“The program we delivered with students from San Damiano College was the Connecting Communities Program, working together to plant native species that are endemic to this local area,” she said.

“The students were taught about the importance of regenerating the local environment and the positive impacts.

“All the plants we picked, were because they naturally appear in the local ecosystem, and they will be great for providing biodiversity for various different native species.”

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