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Classy touch to keep our little league sun-safe this footy season

Classy touch to keep our little league sun-safe this footy season

The Yarrabilba community has added the perfect touch to the uniform of our little league of football club,  donating bright orange hats to match their tiger team colours.

The Yarrabilba Touch Tigers Under 10’s Coach, AJ Bennett, had been searching high and low for a suitable sun-safe solution for the young players that matched their sporting colours, ahead of the Titan Junior Tri Series.

Yarrabilba has pitched in and played ball, providing bright orange hats that created team unity but also kept the players safe from the sun.

“After attending the first round of the tournament, I noticed that all our players were wearing different hats. I wanted to teach the young ones about being part of a team and the importance of team unity. I thought it was important that in representing our club, the players had hats the matched our Tigers jersey,” said AJ.

“I was talking with the Yarrabilba Sales Consultant, Tracie, and she kindly donated hats for our players, including myself. Along with being the perfect colour for our team, they were big hats to keep the sun off the players faces.”

Yarrabilba’s very own McKinnon Sports Park is the new official home field for the Yarrabilba Touch Footy Club.

Recently opened to the local community, the sports park provides state-of-the-art facilities, including four rugby fields and eight touch football fields, together with amenities, carparking, landscaping and artwork.