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Calling on driver mentors to help Yarrabilba youth steer a clear path to success

Calling on driver mentors to help Yarrabilba youth steer a clear path to success

PCYC Crestmead are calling on Yarrabilba locals to take the wheel and help mentor local youth through their ‘Braking the Cycle’ driver mentor program.

Obtaining a driver’s license is a major milestone for most young people and helps towards securing employment, access further education and training opportunities and remaining connected to family and friends.

For many young people, completing their mandatory 100 hours of supervised driving in a safe and suitable vehicle is a major obstacle to them moving forward in their life.

PCYC Crestmead’s Braking the Cycle Program Coordinator Joanne Bartolo said they are on the hunt for local driving mentors to help empower Yarrabilba youth to steer a clear path to success.

“PCYC Crestmead has found there is a need for this program at Yarrabilba to support the young learner drivers in the community that may face barriers to reaching their 100 required logbook hours,” she said.

“Our goal is to run the program in Yarrabilba two days per week and to bring two of our vehicles for the mentors. We have found that volunteer driver mentors find it very rewarding to be part of the participant’s journey into obtaining their Provisional licence that will open doors to employment.

“It would be fantastic to have some local volunteer mentors on board to help drive this program in the Yarrabilba community.”


What happens during the program?

Participants are matched with a specific volunteer from PCYC’s extensive and experienced driver mentor network. Mentors provide encouragement and help young people improve their self-esteem and develop positive road safety attitudes.


Calling on driver mentors!

Would you like to support young people in the Yarrabilba community to learn to drive? Can you spare two hours or more a week? To become a mentor driver, you would need to hold an open licence (min 12 months) and be willing to obtain a Blue Card (PCYC will assist with this). Participants who are part of the program are assessed by a driving school to ensure competency and comprehensive training is provided for mentors.

To get involve in the PCYC ‘Braking the Cycle’ program in Yarrabilba contact: