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A walk down memory lane as Yarrabilba celebrates 10 years

A walk down memory lane as Yarrabilba celebrates 10 years!

From its humble beginnings 10-years-ago, Yarrabilba has drawn on the history and the surrounds of the site to ensure it is unique, a place to live well and references its past. Through the early planning phase, Lendlease has been guided by the traditional owners to ensure their use of the land and their stories are respectfully referenced.

We sat down with Lendlease Urban Design Manager Sue Dewar, who has worked with a team of experts to create an aspirational community that fosters a true sense of belonging.

What elements go into creating a place for people to live well and how does that evolve over time?

Thinking big picture and delivering on it is the key, as we provide elements needed to live a full life at Yarrabilba. What makes a good life is different for everyone, so a wide range of choices are essential. Choices of land sizes, of house typologies, of childcare, schools, shops, parks, transport, restaurants and cafes, clubs, community events and infrastructure. Yarrabilba has planned all these amenities from day one.

For people to live well at Yarrabilba, Lendlease has ensured that the essential elements that build a sense of belonging and place activation are delivered in a timely way and are built on year on year. Yarrabilba is proud to have delivered:

  • Approximately 4000 homes sites that have already been built on - 1300 to come
  • 10 parks plus 20 to come
  • Four schools, four childcare centres, one kindergarten and seven schools to come
  • Two sport and recreation hubs plus five to come
  • Three hectares of convenience shopping plus twenty hectares to come

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Activation is key to ensuring people live well as it entices our residents, visitors and participants to engage with each other. There is a full calendar of events and programs that provide support and entice residents to make the most of the amenities and public realm spaces within a community.

How has Lendlease created a connected community that delivers a lifestyle destination for residents?

We can provide the framework for a successful community but ultimately it is the people who call it home that really counts. As the number of residents has now grown to 10,500 (and estimated to be home to 45,000 on completion), seeing residents being able to access a large array of services, education, shops, employment and recreational opportunities all within the township of Yarrabilba is fantastic and enables a real sense of community to flourish.

Looking to the horizon, the future at Yarrabilba looks bright!

We have a lot to be excited about at Yarrabilba! In the current release at The Parks, there is a new district sports park, a district recreational park and two neighbourhood parks, as well as a new State Primary School. Yarrabilba is perfectly placed for progress, a place of optimism and opportunity. The community continues to evolve and thrive through deep connection – to nature, to others, and to ideas and knowledge, creating enduring prosperity and positive momentum for all.

Visit the Yarrabilba 10-Year Anniversary page to learn more about our upcoming celebration party!

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