Top 10 things to do around Yarrabilba

10 things to do in Yarrabilba


We recently celebrated reaching 10,000 likes on the Yarrabilba Facebook page and to celebrate, we asked the local community 'What are the top 10 things to do around Yarrabilba'. Thanks so much for everyone’s contributions. Here is the list as shared by our community!

1. Yarrabilba is an Active Community

Coming in as the number one favorite, the community showed us the best lifestyle in Yarrabilba is an active one. With various indoor gyms, classes and outdoor equipment, plus weekly parkrun, it's easy to see why this feature was a popular pick!

2. Darlington Parklands
Running a close second, Darlington Parklands received a lot of love from the local community. This doesn't come as a surprise as Darlington offers one of the best days out a family can have - all for free! The waterpark makes for a fun, safe play space for all ages. There’s also a playground, swings, sporting courts and two flying foxes! Families who stay on for the later part of the day will also get to enjoy a light show from their picnic blanket.

3. Parkrun
If you're around Yarrabilba on a Saturday morning at 7 am, you would have noticed the popular parkrun! The 5km run is held every weekend and encourages participants to challenge themselves at their own pace. Did we also mention many runners grab a post-run coffee? This free community event offers a healthy, social and energetic platform for people to participate in, no matter your skill level!

4. Dog Parks
Furry friends are well looked after at Yarrabilba, and the community agrees! With dog parks in two different locations, your best friend will be able to socialise, run and enjoy the outdoors! There's even a separate area for smaller breeds or puppies who can be a little shy.

5. Parks for All Ages and Stages
With a huge range of parks to choose from, we can understand why our community couldn't pick just one favorite! Each space offers something exciting and different for everyone, no matter your interests! Whether you have kids who love spending time in the playground or you need the perfect spot for a quiet afternoon picnic, Yarrabilba parks have you covered! There’s slides galore, climbing towers, trampolines, water play, flying foxes, climbing frames and so much more!

6. It’s a Learning Community
With two primary schools already open in the heart of Yarrabilba, we can see why education is a favorite with our smaller community members. Both schools deliver programs that offer a safe place for children to learn and play. The first high school, the Yarrabilba State Secondary College, will be opening in January 2020 and more facilities have been planned to follow, giving the next generation the option to thrive in Yarrabilba.

7. Community Facilities

The Yarrabilba community loves our local amenity, including the Family and Community Place and Yarrabilba Community Hub. Both places were mentioned as favourites because they provide a safe space where people and relationships are respected, nurtured and supported.

8. Places to Socialise and Eat

Voted in at number 8 are the many great options Yarrabilba has to offer when our residents are looking for a great place to catch up, eat and relax. The list includes local cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and take-away spots. Grab a friend or two, and take advantage of the endless choices Yarrabilba has to offer.

9. Community Events
There is always something happening in Yarrabilba, which is no surprise why the community events are a favourite. Hosted on the second Friday of each month, the Yarrabilba Mingle Markets are a lively night market with food trucks, craft stalls, live music and more for the whole family. The community also holds many events throughout the year including annual Christmas Carols, live music and other outdoor entertainment. Be sure to visit Yarrabilba for yourself to find out just why our community love the celebrations so much.

10. Nature Walks

Last but not least, the community expressed their love for the natural surroundings and nature walks. Backing onto Plunkett Conservation Park, Yarrabilba is surrounded by national parks, reserves, and wildlife. Take some time to explore the Jinnung Jalli Native Trail, which means ‘walking around through the trees’, or step next door to the Wickham Reserve for a fun-filled family day of bushwalking!