Childcare Centre Now Open

Harmony Early Learning Journey child care and kindergarten service at Yarrabilba

Get the kids ready for childcare with lunch boxes and gardening gloves.

Yarrabilba’s first childcare centre is now open complete with its own free range chicken coop, bird aviary and organic vegetable patch.

Located on the corner of Combs and Carew streets, the centre caters for up to 99 children from six weeks to five years in age.

Designed to encourage learning through fun, the centre incorporates naturalistic, outdoor playscapes to inspire young imaginations. Rocks, mounds, forts, vegetable and herb gardens, grassed areas, sand and water play will draw children outdoors to explore, while caring for chickens and birds will give them opportunities to take responsibility and develop empathy. Learning gardening skills will be a bonus!

Harmony Early Learning Journey provides a safe, compassionate environment for children to discover their inner strengths, esteem as individuals, dignity and autonomy, self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning. For more information visit www.harmonylearning.com.au/yarrabilba/