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Living Here

Modern and Sustainable

Yarrabilba is a progressive, modern township integrating sustainable and smart innovation alongside considered creation of the physical environment to create a community which embraces the natural beauty for generations to come. 


“We are working towards new sustainability goals to mitigate the impact of climate change. Our aim is to be a leader in driving industry transformation
by delivering inclusive, healthy and adaptable places that can thrive through change”

Tony Lombardo (Lendlease Group CEO) 

Introducing a Circular Economy

Communities are starting to understand the need to move to a circular economy. At Yarrabilba, this means reducing waste, recycling more products, reliance on cleaner power and regenerating our environment. We first launched our Circular Economy Strategy in 2019 and have been recognised as an industry leader within master planned communities. We have embarked on a series of initiatives with contractors, builders, and the community to help turn waste into future resources creating a new era in sustainable living.

Reduce your cost of living at Yarrabilba Image

Reduce your cost of living at Yarrabilba

Take charge of your new home purchase and reduce your household’s energy costs with Lendlease’s new battery incentive.

With the rising cost of living front of mind for many Australians, Lendlease is helping new Yarrabilba homeowners to invest in their future, encouraging them to power up and save on their energy bills.

New Yarrabilba buyers can take advantage of Lendlease’s $7,000 incentive, which would go towards a battery system for homeowners to connect to their home solar systems on a new home build.

How to build a smarter, more sustainable home Image

How to build a smarter, more sustainable home

As part of your building process, have you asked yourself how you can build a more sustainable home but didn’t know how or where to start. These 5 short videos will provide you with tips on:

  1. designing your home for your local climate
  2. be more energy-efficient and generate your own energy
  3. save and harvest valuable water
  4. use healthy and sustainable building materials, and
  5. design a home with improved accessibility.
Live well with nature at Yarrabilba Image

Live well with nature at Yarrabilba

Lendlease, in collaboration with Natura Pacific, have pulled together a handy guide on how Yarrabilba residents can protect and live together with the local biodiversity in and around the community.

Handy tips include:

  • Protecting wildlife through responsible pet ownership
  • Attracting wildlife through native plantings on your property
  • How to aid injured wildlife
  • Protecting yourself from dangerous wildlife
Approved Fauna Corridor Management Plans Image

Approved Fauna Corridor Management Plans

These management plans have been approved by the Australian Government Department of the Environment in compliance with the conditions of approval for the Yarrabilba development under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, Approval Ref: EPBC 2013/6791.

Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Approval Status Report documents