Tips for designing an eco-friendly home

Building a home sustainably doesn’t have to cost the earth. Simonds Homes walk us through their latest display homes at Springfield Rise and share their tips for building an eco-friendly home that won’t break the bank.


Not only are sustainable homes a great way to save money on energy bills, but building a home with the environment in mind, also makes the home more comfortable to live in.

Research from the CSIRO has found two-thirds of home buyers prefer energy efficient homes when given a choice, so it’s worth considering your eco-friendly options when building a home. Afzal Baig, Simonds New Home Specialist at Springfield Rise, chats through his top tips for designing an eco-friendly home.

Sustainable solutions sooner

To build a sustainable home, it’s worth working with a trusted builder and chatting through the options available. Afzal said it’s best to consider sustainability in the design-phase of the home, rather than retrofitting it down the track.

“From a sustainability perspective, one of the biggest takeaways for homeowners is the range of long-term benefits that stem from increased energy efficiency, such as greater savings on energy bills. Incorporating these key features in your new build from the very start also saves you from potentially expensive retrofits later down the track,” he said.

Leveraging the lot orientation

Before designing a home, Afzal suggests chatting to a builder to talk through the lot orientation, as this can dictate the majority of the design choices in the planning phase.

“For comfortable living all year round, our team will talk you through all of the floor plan and structural options that take advantage of your home’s positioning,” said Afzal.

“This could mean featuring a rear flip, adding strategically placed skylights or utilising enlarged windows to ensure that your most frequently used rooms all have their moment in the sun at the optimal time of day. “

Consider colour palettes

It's amazing how much difference a colour palette can have. Afzal said simply by choosing the right colour palette and façade, can help reduce your energy usage.

“Depending on where you live, roof and facade colours can have a big impact on your energy bill and comfort levels inside your home,” he said.

“We recommend having a chat with your Simonds New Home Specialist and Gallery Consultant, to see how you can maximise your energy savings, while sticking to your Developer Guidelines and achieving a sleek and contemporary roof and façade.”

“The Simonds display homes at Springfield Rise feature roofs made from COLORBOND® steel in Windspray®  (Clarke 24) and Surfmist ® (Jervis 25) and Monier Concrete roof tiles in Salt Spray — all showcasing a coastal aesthetic that not only looks the part but suits the Queensland climate too.”

Innovative insulation

Insulation plays a big part in creating a comfortable living environment and can reduce reliance on heating and air conditioning. Afzal said insulation plays a large role in building not only a sustainable home, but also a comfortable home.

“Insulation should be viewed holistically, as it’s not just down to the batts in your ceiling and walls or double-glazing on your windows. Other insulating techniques, such as window shutters and furnishings, such as block out blinds and drapes, grant you greater control over temperature at different times of the day.”

Fantastic fans

Ventilation can be improved in a home simply by adding a fan, plus ceiling fans are a great cost-effective option and help ease the need for air conditioning. Simply using a fan in summer can help maintain a cool breeze, while setting a fan the opposite way in winter can help pull up excess cold air.

“In our Queensland homes, rooms such as the bedrooms, living areas and alfrescos (*design specific) are kept cool with ceiling fans included as standard,” said Afzal.


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