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Springfield Rise offers retirement in paradise for Evelyn and Joseph

Evelyn and Joseph have taken the plunge and moved from their home in Wellington, New Zealand in search of warmer weather, a relaxed pace and close proximity to family.

Chasing warmer weather, a relaxed pace and close proximity to family, Evelyn and Joseph Sebastian took the plunge and moved from across the ditch into their brand-new home at Springfield Rise.

Originally hailing from Malaysia, the couple have spent the past 20 years living in New Zealand’s windy city, Wellington, so it makes sense that southeast Queensland’s notoriously warm, sunny weather was a drawcard.

“We are retired and were looking for warmer weather and we set our eyes on Brisbane because it ticked all the boxes for nice weather, affordability and that’s where we wanted to start our retirement journey,” Evelyn said.

“We’ve been here close to six months and we love it. We have a little doggy that we take for walks regularly and he loves it too. We’re really beginning to enjoy life here in Springfield.”

Keep reading to find out some of the other reasons why Evelyn and Joseph love their new life right here in Springfield Rise.

A family affair

Moving to a new area can be daunting, let alone moving countries. Thankfully, Evelyn and Joseph have shared the journey with two of their nearest and dearest – Evelyn's brother, Chelvik and his wife, Alex.

Buying land from Lendlease at the same time meant the two couples could buy their lots in close proximity to one another – settling on blocks of land that are across the road from one another.

Once the decision was made and the contracts were signed, both couples began planning the build of their home. While it was not the easiest journey planning a home build while still living back in New Zealand, both couples shared information and ideas throughout the process.

“Joseph and my brother worked closely together - they bounced ideas off each other and collaborated throughout the build process,” Evelyn said.

“The whole idea [of living across the road from one another] was that we could be close enough to do things together, plan family activities together and be supportive of one another if we need it.

“In this chapter of our lives, we want to have family close by.”

In an additional bonus, Evelyn and Joseph’s daughter also lives not too far away in Brisbane CBD.

Location, location, location

As active retirees, Evelyn and Joseph were searching for a location that they could still enjoy their daily walks, that wasn’t too bustling and busy but at the same time, wasn’t too far removed from amenities either.

As a neighbourhood that is surrounded by nature but still close enough to everything they could want or need, Springfield Rise ticked all the boxes.

“You don’t have the bustling of the city, but at the same time, it’s so close,” Joseph said.

“There’s a train station within walking distance, you’ve got all the shopping, beautiful parks and walks... it’s a self-contained suburb.”

A friendly place

Living in a street where everyone is relatively new has been a good opportunity for the street to come together and bond over things such as landscaping and finishing touches on each individual’s property.

The Sebastians also enjoyed the recent Meet Your Neighbour event, held in November 2022.

If you’re looking for a friendly community that is surrounded by nature, parks and all the amenity you could ever want or need, enquire with us today about building your dream life here in Springfield Rise.