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Plans for the Spring Mountain Community Garden are beginning to blossom

Long-time readers of the Springfield Rise newsletter have been following the journey of the Spring Mountain Community Garden.

We’re pleased to provide you with a progress update, and even have some ways you can get involved with bringing the garden to life!

Cassie Boulter, Spring Mountain State School P&C Committee Member has been leading the charge, applying for and securing financial grants to kickstart the community garden’s progress.

Since our last update, we’re happy to report that the Spring Mountain State School P&C have received two grants. The first is from Ipswich City Council’s Major Funding Program, which will allow fencing to be installed around the garden, including a gate that allows the community to access the area, and a gate for staff and students from Spring Mountain State School to utilise. Installation of this fencing will proceed in September this year.

The second grant is the Lendlease Junior Landcare Grant, which will help the P&C purchase a native bee hive, worm farm and frog pond.

The P&C is hosting a working bee in collaboration with Lendlease and the YMCA in October to install eight garden beds.

So, if you’ve been looking for ways to help this garden come to life, here’s your chance! The Spring Mountain State School P&C would be grateful to receive donations of plants to pop into the soil during their upcoming working bee. They’re specifically looking for the following types of plants to be donated:

  • Edible plants
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Indigenous plants
  • Plants that flower for the stingless bees from the native bee hive


If you've got plants to donate, you can reach out to Cassie via the Spring Mountain Community Garden Facebook page.