Meet a resident: Springfield couple show us their award-winning home!

See the inspiration behind the award-winning Springfield home from this year’s Brisbane Master Builders Awards.

Joel Hancock, Split Level Master Builders Award Winner

Nestled on the top of Springfield Mountain sits the proud work of an award-winning home. 

Created by Springfield local Joel Hancock and his dad from Hancock Homes, Joel wanted to build a modern sanctuary for his fiancé Karly Rowe, mixing modern design with organic finishes.

Built on a split-level block, the home has views spanning the Brisbane City, right through to Stradbroke Island. While the main living area and open-plan layout captures the mountain breeze and ventilates the home all-year-round.

Reflecting on the area, Joel says the decision to build at Springfield Rise was a no-brainer.

We both grew up in this area our whole lives. We love the community. There's so much to do here,” Joel said.

“We have the shopping centre, we have the train station nearby, all the sporting fields close to as well. So really, we don't have to leave the area at all if we don't want to. I've got plenty of friends that live around here as well.”

The next choice was the lot, Joel says the split-level block allowed for better views and an elevated home. 

“There's many advantages to a split-level block,” said Joel.

“I think entering on the one level, obviously coming in and then parking the cars up and then once we're upstairs having everything, we use daily, all on the upstairs level. I think the other main advantage is the views you get out the front because we're so high up here, we get great views all the way to Brisbane City, being up in this high section of Spring Mountain.

Drawing inspiration from other homes, the couple gravitated towards a dark colour palette and complimented the colours with Karly’s love of organic features like timber, stone and natural lighting.

“Joel and I actually drove around Springfield Rise when we first met and we loved a house near the top of the hill,” said Karly.

“It had the dark monument with the orange brick and a bit of a timber veneer finish, and we actually captured all that together and put that into our home here.”

“I also love natural light. We have an en suite which had limited light and limited windows, so we actually put in a skylight above the shower to have a natural light come in.”

While Joel added a wine rack in the living area, which was a little risky drilling though stone to add it to the house.

“We did the wine rack as you sort of first entering the upper storey with a nice stone feature. I was so nervous drilling into it with dad, I think I measured it about three times before installing it.”

Joel worked alongside his dad to help create his dream home and bring both his and Karly’s inspiration to life.

“Karly came up with the idea, we basically wanted it to be different than everything else in the street. We were quite often saying, oh, there’s lots of white houses and everything these days or the Hamptons styles, but we just wanted to be completely different. So, we went with the darker colours and the more modern façade,” said Joel.

Joels says it was rewarding to create a home with his dad and he’s excited to build a future with Karly in the home.

“We actually got engaged two weeks ago so it’s an exciting time,” Joel said.

“We love the area and I think with my university and the shops and the potential for school in the future for when we have kids, we have all of the opportunities around us. We can literally grow a family here,” said Karly.

Named ‘The Stradbroke’, Joel and Karly’s home was awarded the 2023 Brisbane Master Builders Award for best Individual Home from $350,000 up to $500,000.

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