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Local in the spotlight Belynda Abbott

Belynda and family with the keys to their new home

Belynda and her family are recent arrivals at Springfield Rise but she’s already had a positive impact on our community.


How long have you lived at Springfield Rise?

We got the keys to our new home not long ago so it’s a really exciting time for our family. Our home is elevated with city views which we love.

Previously we lived on the east side of Brisbane so we weren’t familiar with this area. When my husband was stationed to Amberley Air Base the drive across Brisbane took too long and we investigated more convenient locations. That’s how we discovered Springfield Rise and I’m glad we did, because we fell in love with the area right away.


Have you met many of your new neighbours?

Oh yes! I really enjoyed the friendly, casual atmosphere at the Neighbour Day barbecue, it was the ideal way to start chatting and getting to know more residents. It was lovely to see people walk past and decide to join us, the positivity at Neighbour Day was really appealing. Everyone seemed to feel welcomed and got involved with swapping phone numbers and making new connections.


Thanks for helping at Neighbour Day! Do you do any other volunteering?

I’m also on the Spring Mountain State School P&C. At the moment we’re working to create a new community garden at the school which is a project we’re really enthusiastic about.

Joining local groups like the P&C is an excellent way to meet more people. Spring Mountain State School P&C is always on the lookout for volunteers willing to help so get in touch! Getting involved with community groups and events will connect you with more local families especially when you are new to the area.


Do you think Springfield Rise is a family friendly place to live?

Definitely, living here really suits our family because there’s always something to do and plenty of space for the children to explore. The parks are well maintained so the area looks inviting, it is a lovely place to call home.