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Is Dublin Avenue the friendliest street in Springfield Rise?

Could Dublin Avenue be the friendliest street to live in within Springfield Rise?

If it isn’t, it certainly has to be up there.

From morning teas through to residents supporting their neighbours after they’ve brought a newborn home from the hospital, the friendships that have been formed on this street are so special that you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking you’ve walked onto the television set of iconic Australian program, Neighbours.

We caught up with Belynda Abbott who lives on Dublin Avenue to discuss the connections she’s formed with the people on her street, and the tips she has on how to make friends with your neighbours.

Belynda and her family moved into Dublin Avenue in June 2021 after her husband was posted to the nearby RAAF Base at Amberley. Prior to this move, her family lived on the east side of Brisbane and didn’t know the area or anyone living in it. Being the neighbourly person she is, Belynda wanted to strike up a friendship with those living closest to her.

“I’ve always considered myself as a ‘neighbourly’ person, I’m community minded and I’ve been lucky throughout my life to build lifetime friendships with my neighbours,” says Belynda. “It’s also important to me to look out for each other and build a sense of community and security.”

It didn’t take long for Belynda and her family to settle into their new home in Springfield and begin to form some of those special connections with the neighbours on her street. What started out as a simple smile and a wave allowed Belynda to become good friends with her neighbours – regular morning teas, gifting presents to new parents on the street and much more.

“The connections I have made on Dublin Avenue will last a lifetime,” says Belynda. “I want to always build a community that supports one another. Connection and giving to others makes me smile, and small acts of kindness can start a ripple effect within the community.”

Aside from making new friends, Belynda says there’s a plethora of benefits to uncover when you reach out to the fellow residents living in your street.

“When you know your neighbours and your neighbours know you, you look out for one another,” she says. “It’s a community security measure for all families on the street. It also allows for cultural integration, and creation of new traditions.”

For some people, being neighbourly might not come as easily as it does for Belynda and her family. So, if you’ve been wanting to form connections with your fellow Springfield Rise residents but aren’t sure where to start, here are some of Belynda’s tips.


Belynda’s tips for turning neighbours into friends 

1. Simply smile and introduce yourself to your neighbours, get involved with your children’s school P&C, join a community group or attend the regular neighbourhood days held within Springfield Rise.

2. Go to the park or just a walk around the block – you'll be amazed by the people you meet when you are open to being part of the community.

3. Do simple gestures of kindness for your neighbours, like bringing their bins in if they’ve left them out, mow their law, cook a meal or bake them a sweet treat.

4. Attend community days, markets and support local businesses.


Do you think your street is friendlier than Dublin Avenue?

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