How to build a home to stand the test of time

A home should last a lifetime but what do you need to know before building? Hallmark Homes share their top tips for how to future-proof your dream home.

Building a home is one of life’s most exciting journeys, but what do you need to know to perfectly craft your home? Celest Maggs from Hallmark Homes shared her top tips to make your home last a lifetime.  

Chatting with a trusted builder about your current needs and lifestyle are all great places to start. Celest recommends choosing designs like open floor plans with large hallways for accessibility, as well as zoning and privacy.  

“When creating a forever dream home for long-term living, Hallmark Homes recommends integrating accessibility features. These may include opting for a single-level design, incorporating wider doors and hallways, and designing bathrooms to facilitate effortless manoeuvrability,” she said.  

“Additionally, we suggest creating a child-friendly environment by using durable materials and establishing safe spaces.” 

“Choose open and flexible floor plans that maximise space and allow for easy adaptation to changing needs over time. This promotes a sense of spaciousness and connectivity within the home.  

“Look for quality construction. High quality materials and craftsmanship showcase durability and longevity. Ultimately, a well-built home will require minimal maintenance in the long term. 

“When it comes to privacy, strategically position the guest quarters within the design layout to ensure privacy for both guests and the main household. Consider zoning and separate access points to maintain a sense of autonomy. 

“Also, consider future changes – Plan for future changes or adaptations and design a guest suite with features that can easily transform the space of alternative uses such as a home office or additional living space,” said Celest.  
Not sure where to start? Celest recommends chatting to your guests and seeing what they want or need from a space.  

“Incorporate feedback from your guests! They can provide valuable insight firsthand and help tailor the design to better suit the guest experience.”  

When it comes to colour schemes and landscaping, Celest recommends keeping it simple and timeless.  

“Keep the colour scheme neutral and choose elements that remain aesthetically pleasing and relevant for many years and that won’t go out of style. This will not only reduce the need for frequent renovations, it’ll also be great for re-sale value if you ever wanted to sell your property,” said Celest.  

“Turn to resilient landscaping. Choose great options such as natives that suit your climate and region and implement sustainable landscaping practices. This not only enhances the curb appeal, but also supports the environment. Plus, choose a standout façade that will enhance the curb appeal and support future resale.” 

While you don’t need to grab the crystal ball out, Celest also recommends considering the surrounding community or the masterplan before building your dream home.  

“Also take into account the surrounding community and potential future developments. Consider if this will enhance the long-term value of your home, and whether it will support the design of the spaces around you,” she said.  

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