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High school students up their recycling game

Last year Springfield Central State High School were one of three Springfield schools to receive a Lendlease Junior Landcare Grant, designed to raise environmental awareness among young people.

The school is using its grant to introduce the popular Containers for Change scheme which makes it easy to recycle drinks containers and enables the school to fundraise through their sustainability efforts.

Deputy Principal Donna Gilvarry explained that starting with Year 7 students allows them to build the program as they progress through their secondary schooling years, while sharing their enthusiasm with younger cohorts.

“Our Lendlease Junior Landcare Grant enables us to participate in Containers for Change by purchasing the necessary recycling bins and building a culture of recycling for the long-term benefit of the school,” Donna said.

“We chose Containers for Change because it is an established recycling scheme that many of our students and parents are familiar with.

“When we discussed Containers for Change with the students they already understood how important sustainability is to the concept of being good global citizens. This project also underpins our school values of being responsible and respectful.”


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Recycling is on the agenda at Springfield Central State High School (Image: SCSHS)


By starting on a small scale the school plans to establish a culture of recycling into the future. The students’ recycling efforts are linked to the school’s house points system. Each house has a recycling container decorated with their own colour and logo, with points allocated according to the amount of recycling each house group can achieve.