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From virtual to reality: meet the resident helping neighbours connect online

For Springfield Rise resident, Emma Unwin, founding an online neighbourhood group was the catalyst to forming close, connected relationships with her local community.

Friendship, connection, fun, information and support.

They’re the five core values that the Spring Mountain Estates Community Page on Facebook has been built around.

For Springfield Rise resident, Emma Unwin, co-founding and becoming an administrator of the online neighbourhood group was the catalyst to forming close, connected relationships with her local community.

In early 2020, Emma and her family were searching for a family-friendly environment that was in close proximity to schools, shopping centres and highways. Springfield Rise ticked all their boxes, and by May 2020, the young family were settling into their new neighbourhood.

Growing up in a small country town where befriending your neighbours is the norm, Emma wanted to find ways to connect with her new community.

Emma Unwin, Emma Unwin.

After moving to the neighbourhood in the height of COVID-19, where the challenges of meeting with people face to face, were unprecedented, Emma opted to become more active on social media, in an attempt to get to know others and make connections.

With the help of other local community members, Emma co-created the Spring Mountain Estate Community Page earlier this year, in the hopes of connecting with her neighbours.

“Being online gave me the option to still ‘virtually’ meet people,” Emma said. “Some of my friendships have remained online, however, others have adapted into in person friendships. For example, I have friends that I discuss local issues with, friends who I meet up with for coffee and others who I catch up with for picnics in the park with our children.”

Fast forward to recent times and the page has over 600 members and has become a friendly online community for people to meet new friends, ask questions without judgment and promote their small businesses or community events.

“We created the page in an attempt to connect the community and create a friendly environment full of inclusivity, unity and growth,” Emma said. “Being an admin of this page allows me to not only connect with our community but also assist in connecting others. It also provides me with insight about what our community wants and gives me an opportunity to see if there is any way that I can help.”

Emma is living proof that the neighbourhood you want starts at your front door. Aside from her role on the community page, she makes a conscious effort to attend local events and network with other residents in person.

“We enjoy meeting up with other families and spending time at the new Silver Jubilee Park,” she said.

“We have really enjoyed the free movie nights under the stars and would absolutely love to welcome regular market events to our area.”

movie night, Springfield Rise Meet your neighbours Meet Your Neighbours event at Springfield Rise. 

If you’re looking for a friendly community that is surrounded by nature, parks and all the amenity you could ever want or need, enquire with us today about building your dream life here in Springfield Rise.