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Celebrating social enterprise

We love sharing the inspirational stories of locals who make a difference in our community!

One of these is Springfield Rise resident, 15-year-old Makayla Finch. She was empowered by the Future Anything program at Springfield Central State High School to launch her own social enterprise called The I AM Project.

“To the outside world, I had a perfect life,” Makayla said. “I got good grades, I had an awesome family and the best support group. I had everything I needed.

“Despite having these things, I did not know my worth. I was so caught up in what the media said that I forgot the truth. I constantly sought the validation and approval of others.

“Dark negative thoughts are like viruses. They lead to more serious issues like depression, anxiety and even suicide. This is why I created The I AM Project, to help every person to know that they are loved, they are worthy and that their life matters!”

Makayla’s social enterprise creates keychains that have a phrase beginning with the words ‘I AM...’ to help replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations that enhance self-worth.


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Makayla Finch, founder of The I AM Project


All products are Australian made using sustainably sourced bamboo, with 10 per cent of profits donated to mental health awareness charity Beyond Blue.

Springfield Rise is proud to have supported The I AM Project through the Springfield Rise Community Grants Program.

Visit www.theiamproject.com.au/ to see Makayla’s full range.