Caffeine lovers, rejoice – Cottonwood Café has reopened for business!

Cottonwood Café has reopened for business beside the new Sales and Information Centre in Springfield Rise, bringing a smile to residents and visitors alike.

Cottonwood Cafe Springfield Rise

Coffee enthusiasts in the Greater Springfield area are familiar with the three cafes owned by entrepreneur, Rose Bui – Lotus Café, Junior Espresso and Springfield Rise’s very own Cottonwood Café, which has recently reopened beside the community’s new Sales and Information Centre.

With a decade-long legacy of serving up delicious coffee and mouthwatering treats, we sat down with Rose to discuss her passion for hospitality, the close-knit community she has nurtured over the years and what she attributes her success to.

Cottonwood Cafe Springfield Rise

Community and connection are at the forefront of Rose’s success

Located in the heart of Springfield Rise, Cottonwood Cafe has evolved into a place for residents and visitors alike to gather, connect, and indulge in a cup of coffee or a sweet treat. Over the years, Rose has witnessed customers forming lasting bonds with one another and engaging in meaningful conversations. What was once a simple coffee run for Springfield Rise residents has transformed into a cherished opportunity for catch-ups and connections.

“Our customers have gotten to know each other and now dropping by your local to grab a coffee is not ‘just grabbing a coffee’, it's also a conversation and a nice catch up, which has been really nice to see develop over the years,” Rose said.

Rose has been fortunate enough to also form long-lasting bonds with her customers, priding herself on being able to remember people’s coffee orders and even the type of cup they prefer to drink out of when visiting the café.

Cottonwood Café is known for their in-house blend of coffee, fresh bakes, sandwiches, ice cream and fresh cold pressed juices. Rose has also ensured to fit out the new café (now located at 7001 Victoria Way, Spring Mountain) with her favourite cups and coffee machinery as well, to ensure the space has a homely and welcoming vibe.

Coffee cups Cottonwood Cafe Springfield Rise

For locals, by a local

Beyond her role as a local café owner, Rose has been a resident of Springfield Lakes for nearly two decades and takes great pride in being a part of the community's progress. With her wealth of knowledge about the local area, Rose loves sharing her insights and knowledge with her customers – particularly those who are visiting the Sales and Information Centre next door.

“Being part of what's happening and what's being built is actually a great passion of mine,” Rose said. “Even speaking to my customers who are going through the process of building and finding their block has been really exciting to go through the building process with them.”

Cottonwood Café is serving customers seven days a week from 10am. So, if you haven’t tried Rose’s signature coffee blend or delicious trends, be sure to stop by Cottonwood Café soon.

Visit Cottonwood Café and the new Springfield Rise Sales and Information Centre by visiting 7001 Victoria Way, Spring Mountain.