Local community group help local wildlife

Earlier this year local community group, Springfield Camira Men’s Shed, started work on an environmental project building several wildlife nest boxes to help local wildlife.

We are pleased to share the news, that the first thirty of these nest boxes have now been installed in White Rock-Spring Mountain Conservation Estate. These boxes will provide a safe refuge from predators and weather for a variety of native Australian wildlife living in the conservation area, including squirrel gliders, brush-tailed phascogale (small marsupial), common brushtail possum, eastern bent-wing bat, brown antechinus (native marsupial) and reptiles. 


Our environmental consultant Evolve will be monitoring the boxes for three years, measuring the success of the project by providing data on the species that are utilising the boxes for nesting, breeding and shelter.

If you’re interested in finding out more or helping this project, get in touch with the Springfield Camira Men’s Shed via their Facebook page.