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Information provided below is correct as at July 2020

Springfield Rise at Spring Mountain continues to grow through these challenging times. New home construction is progressing, and new residents continue to move into our vibrant community every day.  

Our primary focus right now is you and ensuring that your transition into Springfield Rise goes smoothly. We're pleased to advise that our principal contractor Shadforth has implemented several measures which ensure workers on site are kept protected whilst maintaining appropriate physical distancing, allowing works to continue safely.

If you have any queries related to the construction of your new home or even where to find a great takeaway coffee, we will do our best to assist or point you in the right direction.  

The Highlands 11

Stage 7 & Stage 12

Construction is complete in these stages and settlements have been called. Access is now permitted to purchasers, lot owners and builders.

Dublin Avenue Now Complete

With the completion of Stage 7 & 12 followed the completion of Dublin Avenue. Dublin Ave now connects from Grande Avenue all the way through to Russell Luhrs Way.

Upper Highlands 11 Water Booster Pump Station

Located on Dublin Avenue will be the new water booster pump station. We’ve received approval from QUU and have held our safety pre-start meetings. Contracts will be executed, with construction to commence this month. We’re forecasting completion of the booster pump station in November 2020.

Our Parks Are Open

Please remember to continue to maintain social distancing while enjoying our beautiful parks and check the QLD Government website for any updates to the restrictions.

Grande Avenue Now Open

Grande Avenue now connects through from Springfield Central Boulevard to Spring Mountain Boulevard.

Sportstar Drive Now Open

The northern and southern section of Sportstar Drive now connects all the way through to Sinnathamby Boulevard.


Completed Stages


Upper Highlands 11

All Stages
Construction of all stages in Upper Highlands 11 is now complete, and settlements have been called. Access is permitted to purchasers, lot owners and builders.

Illegal Dumping

We remind you that upon settlement of your block of land you are responsible for the ongoing maintenance and overall general appearance of it. We urge you to proactively take all steps necessary (which may include the installation of temporary fencing) to fulfil this obligation and mitigate against any future clean-up costs that may be incurred from any illegal dumping on your lot. If you discover any waste materials on your block, or have evidence of unlawful dumping, please call Ipswich City Council on 07 3810 6666 or email council [email protected] or EHP online by emailing [email protected]