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Springfield Lakes Real Estate has a dedicated team of property management specialists who are ready to care for your investment property and are ready to talk to you today. Download our Property Management How to Guide.

Springfield Lakes Real Estate is part of the Lendlease Corporation, one of the largest and most experienced property groups in Australia. Lendlease has been building high quality communities like Springfield Lakes for over 50 years. More than just an address, Springfield Lakes is a fully planned community, where people can truly belong.

Our highly experienced Property Managers are employed to serve the Springfield Lakes community, which means we have expert inside knowledge of the advantages of belonging to Springfield Lakes, as well as unparalleled access to market information to help you make the most of your investment. And because we’re employed by the community, for the community, we are committed to ensuring your tenants are the right people for your property.

Your investment property represents your financial future. That’s why you need the very best property management team to take care of it. At Springfield Lakes Real Estate, you’ll find dedicated professionals who fully understand your property needs – because we’re part of the organisation who helped create it.

Your eyes and ears

You can’t always be on top of every last detail of your investment. But rest assured, we will. We’ll provide regular and consistent contact so you stay informed.

We’ll conduct regular inspections and alert you immediately should any maintenance need to be carried out. We’ll also arrange for any urgent repairs under your instructions, so your property retains its value.

A reliable source of income

You may depend on your rental income – so we have a zero tolerance policy towards arrears. We provide a range of convenient way for your tenants to pay and clear and accurate statements for your complete confidence.

We’ll also review rents at least once a year, as well as in anticipation of any upcoming tenant movements, to make sure your investment is keeping up with market increases. 

And when it comes to tax time, our complimentary endof-financial-year statements make it easy to manage your financial arrangements.

Stay connected

You can rely on us to make sure you’re in the loop when it comes to information affecting your investment. We’ll keep you abreast of the value of your investment to make sure you are getting the best possible rental prices, as well as details which may impact your property, including Springfield Lakes housing and covenant requirements and demographic profiles of the community.

We’ll find the right tenant for your place

We take finding the right tenant for your property seriously. All prospective tenants are subject to rigorous checks and are accompanied on inspections of your property.

Should a tenant be approved by you, you can feel safe knowing that our experienced agents take care of all the details, from preparing documentation in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act to collecting the correct bond before the tenant receives keys to the property. And when a tenant leaves, we will conduct a thorough inspection before releasing the bond.

Trusted partners in property management

Our experienced agents are passionate about property management. We’ll help you understand your rights and obligations as a landlord every step of the way, from the payment of rates and water bills to the right insurances to protect your investment.

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