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Vee Design is planting the seeds for the future of Shoreline

Vee Design and Lendlease’s Shoreline team are working together to create a connected and vibrant coastal community, ensuring our residents enjoy the ultimate live, work, play lifestyle in the beautiful Bayside.

Drawing rich inspiration from the Bayside lifestyle and natural surroundings, Vee has been closely collaborating with the Lendlease team at Shoreline to create a coastal, family-friendly community that is a direct reflection of the local Redland Bay region.

Bringing Lendlease’s vision to life even before the shovel touched the soil, Vee’s Project Manager Matthew Carleton explained that as the incumbent Landscape Architect for the project, their role involves much more than planting seedlings.

“Our work at Shoreline has helped shape the streetscapes and open space designs across the community,” he said.

“The landscape for Shoreline embraces and celebrates why people choose to live in this region; the Bay. The rich and unique landscape of the Bay is the inspiration for everything. Every day, we want the community to experience the sense of the islands, the water and the sand that form the core of their lifestyle.

“Fresh, light colours coupled with the diverse textures and muted tones create a composition that is instantly recognisable for the community.”

Each project Vee undertakes provides opportunities to create innovative, thoughtful and considered designs by utilising the existing topography, tapping into a recognisable story or capturing an holistic theme that will enhance the ‘sense of place.’

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Shoreline’s new community park – Jingeri Park is a  2-hectare playspace for the young and young at heart to run, jump and scale to new heights.

Drawing its name from the Danggan Balum (Five Rivers) people, Jingeri means ‘greeting all of you’ in the Yugambeh language. The perfect name for the park, the design focus is as a gathering point for the wider community, with an emphasis on sustainable, green placemaking.

“As the first of its kind in the region, Jingeri Park will attract users from all around, using an architecture language that’s both vernacular and iconic, as well as using a recognisable design language that is synonymous with the Bay,” said Matthew.

“Shaped by the history, this park will include a bespoke lighthouse and jetty play structure, inspired by the lighthouse constructed in 1864 at Cleveland Point. This site is located on both Danggan Balun (Five Rivers) and Quandamooka Country, so it was important to share and celebrate First Nations history. As the designers, we collaborated closely with the Custodians to identify culturally important features, and as such have used the celebrated Willie Wagtail bird as inspiration for a range of play elements and seating nooks.”

The planting palette of Jingeri Park has been a collection of iconic native species endemic to the Moreton Bay region. While natives will be the dominate feature throughout the play space, a selection of unique and unexpected subtropical plants will be featured to provide some added interest for the Shoreline community.

“Beside the three large fig frees sourced from site, we have also strategically located native shade trees in amongst spaces of rest and play areas, such as the Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Island pine), Banksia integrifolia (Coast Banksia) and Corymbia trachyphloia (Brown Bloodwood),” said Matt.

“Vee and Lendlease both share a collective vision that widens the horizons of where a community can live, work and play. This simple endeavour drives both Lendlease and Vee. On a day-to-day level, Vee has been fortunate to learn from Lendlease’s large and dynamic team. Through the years, Vee has broadened our skillset by learning from the Marketing, Design and Development teams. This has allowed us to align with Lendlease’s expectations to always strive for the best outcome.”

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