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Strong community connections lay foundations for Shorelines future

Shoreline residents Karen and Rikki have placed great importance on community and connection, establishing the first Shoreline resident’s Facebook page to turn future residents into close friends.

As the Shoreline community grows, Karen is now joining forces with other residents to create an official residents’ group, encouraging meaningful connections and ensuring future homeowners feel a sense of belonging from the beginning of their Shoreline journey.

“My husband and I bought at Shoreline in August 2020 and not long after that, Rikki  decided to create a Facebook group, Shoreline Redland Bay Discussion,” said Karen.

“The group was created to try and connect with other purchasers and existing residents. It was an opportunity for people to be able to share and find out information, as we were first time home builders.

“From the Facebook page, which now has more than 500 members, we have managed to connect with several of our neighbours, including our immediate neighbours on either side of us.

“Lendlease hosted a Neighbour Day in 2021, creating a real sense of community on the day and bringing future residents together. We’ve since hosted a few more ‘meet and greets’ and have our first 2022 neighbour event on April 30 at Elysium in Victoria Point.”

Lendlease Communities Development Director Ian Murray said it was wonderful to see Shoreline residents creating an inclusive and aspirational community that fosters a true sense of belonging.

“A big part of feeling at home is the village that surrounds you. To be able to build friendships with your neighbours and call upon each other when needed really creates a connected neighbourhood,” he said.

“Our new residents have been very proactive in organising events and bringing their future neighbours together, enhancing their connections. It’s exciting to see the Shoreline Resident’s Group continue to grow, opening their arms to new members.”

Why connecting with your neighbours is so important:

  • Building a community brings people together and makes you feel connected to a larger purpose
  • Social connection is often linked to mental health and can make you feel a lot happier
  • Connection with neighbours reduces feelings of loneliness
  • A well-connected community can provide plenty of fun and social activities
  • There’s always someone to call upon if you require assistance
  • Neighbours who become good friends can look after your property, pets and even collect your mail while you are away.

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