Storytelling mural to feature in Jingeri Park

Artist impression of Shoreline’s Jingeri Park, including a mock up what the art mural could look like, based on a previous community art project

 A creative art collaboration between the children of Shoreline and Ngugi artist of the Quandamooka people, Libby Harward and Mununjali/Yugambeh artist Uncle Allan Lena, the cultural art workshop will invite the children to learn about First Nations stories of the local area and then interpret those stories to create their own masterpieces.

Shoreline will be hosting a special ‘Meet Your Neighbours’ event for residents to connect and make new friends as well as inviting Shoreline’s youngest residents to take part in a special art workshop.

The artists will share stories of this area, which the children will then interpret and share creations, with selected images included in the final design. The finished product will be painted on a mural wall in our community’s first park, Jingeri Park. 

The mural will form the base of the ‘cliff’ that holds up the lighthouse structure. Surrounding the mural will be blue softfall and nets that simulate water and waves, with sand to create a sense of place.

The vibrant mural will further set the scene of Shoreline and define the community’s connection to country, with Shoreline located on both Danggan Balun (Five Rivers) and Quandamooka Country.

The park draws its name from the Danggan Balun people, where Jingeri means ‘greetings all of you’ in the Yugambeh language. The artists are also excited to share stories around the Willy wagtail as "Jingeri Jingeri "is the name of the willy wagtail in Yugambeh.

Jingeri Park has been designed to act as the perfect gathering point for residents and the wider community. As Shoreline’s first community park, it represents the project vision and provides something for all age groups and abilities.

Currently under construction, the park is scheduled to open to the public in late 2022.

How to get involved:

Residents have received an invitation to come along to the ‘Meet Your Neighbour’ event via email.

We look forward to seeing you there.