SHL entry sign 1180x425.jpg

Shoreline sign reflects natural beauty of Redlands Coast

The Shoreline entry sign has officially been installed – a shining beacon that represents our community’s connection of the bush to the bay.

The coastal site of Shoreline is home to a beautiful range of textures and patterns occurring naturally in tidal movements. These formations are often seen up close in sand ripples or in forms created by water movement.


These undulating forms have been interpreted, abstracted, and re-imagined into an integrated entry maker to the Shoreline community.


Whilst big and bold, the entry wall displays a certain subtly due to the use of neutral colours and restraint in the waving forms. In the forethought of the designer’s mind is the notion that truly beautiful things aren’t just noticed, they are sophisticated and timeless. 


This is reflected in the design, highlighting a simple anonymity, though careful thought went into the surface, mood and character of the sign.


Constructed to look like a wave in motion, the sign draws upon the agent of time, giving a different experience throughout the day, depending on where the sun is. As a user travels around the signage, they are drawn into the formations and watch as areas either grow and subdue.