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Planting roots for a sustainable Shoreline community

The team at Shoreline has been working closely with landscapers and horticulturalists at Eureka Landscapes to get these trees ready to be re-homed in the new park which is set for completion by the end of 2022. Relocating these trees into Jingeri Park ensures that they can be preserved and enjoyed by future Shoreline families for generations to come.

Eureka Project Manager Shaun Livesey has been working with Shoreline since the community’s inception. Their role has been to create sustainable and liveable environments throughout the project, that enhance the unique bayside lifestyle, whilst maintaining these fig trees.

“Three fig trees from the back of the project site have been recently relocated to the new community play space at Jingeri Park,” he said.

“In the initial phases of planning, development and design we carried out an arborist consultation with all the existing fig trees on site to see which ones could be relocated and replanted within the development. Luckily a lot of them can be reused. They range in size from the smallest (which are now in Jingeri Park), to others which are 40-50 plus tonnes.

“The three now replanted in Jingeri Park are around 10-15 years old. They were chosen as they all had really interesting characteristics. One has been growing from an old log.”

The three fig trees were in preparation for around 6 months, prior to relocation. The trees were prepped on two sides of the root ball, the crown cleaned up and all dead wood removed.

Two months before relocation, the roots were again pruned on the two remaining sides before they were cut under the root ball. They were then regularly looked after in the final months before relocation.

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“Jingeri Park will be such a landmark green space in Shoreline so it’s fantastic to have these iconic fig trees rehomed here,” he said.

“During the resettlement phase, the trees may experience some shock, where they may lose some or all of their leaves. But as we move into the warmer months, over summer we will treat them with hormones and seasol to promote long-term health and wellbeing.

“To ensure the trees continue to thrive, Eureka will maintain and look after them over the next 12 months.”

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