Planting a legacy for Shoreline’s future

To celebrate the community’s first park, nine Shoreline residents planted their very own family tree in Jingeri Park, creating the foundations for their future in the thriving neighbourhood.

Shoreline families had the opportunity to enter a competition to have a tree named after them in the new community park, with a mix of Tuckeroo and Banksia species selected for the occasion.

Resident Clinton Freeman said he and his wife Stacey are excited to start their life in Shoreline, connect with neighbours and feel a strong sense of belonging.

“Stacey and I have married since we first bought our block in Shoreline and for the tree planting day we brought along our fur children,” Mr Freeman said.

“We are excited to extend our family in the future and look forward to spending time together in the new park.”

Shaun and Lauren Blackburn, one of the couples who had a tree named after their family, said they cannot wait to meet up with loved ones underneath the 'Blackburn Tree' once Jingeri Park is opened.


As the trees begin to grow and find their roots in the new park, families, friends and visitors to the community will be able to keep a watchful eye over them, a special legacy for generations to come.

A brush stroke of creativity brings Shoreline park to life

In exciting news, the storytelling mural at Jingeri park is coming to life, as First Nations artist, Ngugi woman Libby Harward of Quandamooka people has begun painting the creative masterpiece.

The mural is a collaborative collage of images designed by Libby and fellow Mununjali/Yugambeh artist Uncle Allan Lena, as well as the young family members of Shoreline.

The mural will be situated at the base of the new Jingeri Park iconic lighthouse structure. Blue softfall and nets will simulate water and waves will surround the artistic structure to simulate sand and water.

The parkland and green open space of Jingeri Park will be accessible to the public by the end of 2022, with the playground officially open in early 2023.