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Meet new purchasers Bree and Brad

We recently sat down with new owners Bradd and Bree (image far right) after they purchased their block of land at Shoreline.  Bree, a local events manager, tells us a bit about herself and shares what she is most looking forward to in her future community. 

How long have you lived in the Redlands? What do you love about Redland Bay? 
I have lived in the Redlands my whole life and Bradd moved down from Townsville five years ago. We love the Redlands/Redland Bay because it provides a laid back and relaxed environment. We both love being close to the water and the easy access to shops, restaurants, bars, schools and entertainment is perfect for when we start our family. 

Is this your first home? 
Yes, this is our first home. We are super excited to be able to achieve this.

What have you got in mind for your design? Have you picked a builder yet?
We are building with Ausbuild. Our aesthetic throughout the house is coastal modern. We love the idea of creating a fresh, open home.  

What are you most looking forward to about living in Shoreline? 
A sense of community along with the extensive infrastructure and open green spaces.  

Good luck with the build process Bradd and Bree.  We can't wait to welcome you to Shoreline.  

Image: Bradd and Bree (right) with new residents Kirsty and Stephan (left) at the Neighbour Day event