Home design trends to look out for in 2024

A new wave of design trends is reshaping the way home builders look at floor plans and design inclusions.

The world of home design is constantly evolving, driven by changes in buyers’ lifestyles, views on sustainability, technology, and of course, aesthetics. As we look ahead to 2024, a new wave of design trends is reshaping the way buyers think about interior spaces, particularly those who are considering building their dream home. 

Let’s take a look at some of the emerging home design trends we’re seeing here at the Shoreline Display Village. 

Wallpaper is back – but not how you remember it! 

When people think of wallpaper, they may have memories of gaudy designs occupying every wall in their grandparents’ home. However, wallpaper is back – and it’s better than ever! Rather than the usual floral prints or obscure patterns from yesteryear, you’ll notice that more homeowners are opting for bold and artistic designs that serve as statement pieces. 

Take the Maverick 366 by Bold Living as prime example of this – where a feature wall in the dining and living space has been wallpapered with a striking colour and print.  

Utilising exposed beams as an eye-catching feature 

Whether it’s for structural reasons or a decorative addition, exposed beams add character and warmth to your ceiling - a part of the home that is often left as a blank canvas. Aside from looking aesthetically pleasing, adding exposed beams to a room has other perks, including making a room feel larger and even providing acoustic benefits. 

The Lotus by Brighton Homes within the Shoreline Display Village utilises white exposed beams within the master bedroom, complementing the room’s white walls and window trimmings and contrasting with the ceilings patterned background. 

Large windows are in focus, bringing more natural light into your home 

Natural light provides many benefits – from energy efficiency right through to reducing stress and anxiety. That’s why many people building their home are opting for layouts with large, expansive windows that let more natural light in. To soften the glare and infuse ethereal lighting into a space, sheer curtains overlayed on large windows are also having a moment in the spotlight, as they filter light and add a touch of romanticism to the room. 


The Ashgrove 29 by Clarendon Homes, on display at the Shoreline Display Village, is a prime example of how incorporating a large window into your living space is an easy way to let in natural light and make the space feel bigger.  

Inspiration at every corner of Shoreline’s Display Village 

Needing inspiration for your next home build? Look, touch and draw inspiration from 23 new homes on display at the Shoreline Display Village, designed and built by 14 of Queensland’s best builders. 

Your dream home awaits at Shoreline with a wide variety of home designs to suit any aesthetic, lifestyle or budget. You can find the display village at 9 Jingeri Street, Redland Bay. To find out more, call our friendly sales team on 1800 889 984.