Freshly brewed coffee right at your doorstep!

We have some exciting news to share! Shoreline’s very first coffee shop is opening for business in early 2023 and you may recognise the owner, Redland Bay icon, Leanne Bolger.

We can already smell the sweet aroma of coffee and freshly bakes treats. Bringing her renowned coffee to our neighbourhood, Redland Bay icon, Leanne Bolger (who owns LeTorias café at Lagoon View Nursery) is setting up shop in Shoreline. 

Originally from Melbourne, the coffee capital of Australia, Leanne and her husband Les relocated to Queensland 20 years ago, planting roots in the Redland Bay community.

Building a strong and loyal following at LeTorias Café at Lagoon View Nursery, Leanne is excited to bring her renowned coffee to the Shoreline community.

“We have very loyal customers at LeTorias whom we absolutely love.  They have supported us from the beginning.  We quietly opened the doors one weekend in October.  There was no party, no fanfare just us, coffee machine and a fantastic - delicious range of Gluten free cakes,” said Leanne. 

“We hope to build a nice little community at Shoreline just like we have done at Lagoon View.  We will offer the same friendly service as well as serving up our great coffee, cakes and sandwiches. 

“As Shoreline will mainly be takeaway rather than sit down, we will also look to add more walk friendly options like muffins, banana bread, slices that type of thing, but to be honest I really want to get in there first and get a feel for what people are after.” 

Creating a connected community at Shoreline, Leanne said the coffee shop will welcome residents as well as the wider community.

“LeTorias is big on making people feel welcome so I really hope that the residents will love us being there and as far as the wider community yes, yes, yes, come and visit for a coffee,” she said.

“Obviously the display village will bring in people from other areas but I think the new Jingeri Park is going to also bring people in.  I mean I drive past almost every day and the park looks amazing and the kids are going to love it.”

The café will be open in early 2023! Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for more information.

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