Build your home to weather all seasons

Dreaming of building your own home that offers creature comforts all year round?! From cosy winter evenings around the fire pit to large outdoor entertaining areas for summer BBQs with neighbours and indoor retreats to relax and unwind – at Shoreline’s new display village we have all the inspiration and ideas to weather the Queensland climate.

Burbank's Graceville Display at Shoreline Display Village

(Burbank’s Graceville display home at Shoreline)

Building a beautiful home to live in year-round allows you to enjoy every element of your home, including indoor and outdoor areas, no matter the season.

Whether it’s an outdoor fire pit area that encourages family get-togethers during winter, or open plan living that flows between indoor and outdoor for summer entertaining, Shoreline’s new display village provides all the home inspiration to cater for every taste, lifestyle and climate.

Let’s take a look at how you can build a home to weather all seasons.

Burbank’s Carseldine display home at Shoreline(Burbank’s Carseldine display home at Shoreline)

Creating spaces in your home that embrace each season

  • You can make simple style changes throughout your home that reflects each season;
  • Bringing out candles in the cooler months
  • Put cosier sheets on your bed in winter
  • Layer rugs in winter and bring out the woollen blankets that can be styled over the lounge
  • Use brightly coloured linen and crockery in spring and summer
  • Grow plants both indoor and out that bloom during different seasons
  • In summer a fire pit area can be used for afternoon gatherings, providing the seating and space to encourage connection, in winter it’s the perfect place to toast the marshmallows and enjoy the crackle of a warm fire


Building a home for the Queensland climate

To improve the comfort of your home, consider your floor plan, orientation and material choices.

The orientation of your home can heat or cool your home, by making better use of the sun’s path and natural breezes. Active areas in the home like living, kitchen and dining should face north to take full advantage of this.

The careful design of eaves and shading can be used to permit or exclude sunlight by using the varying angles of the sun throughout the yearly cycle. Skylights are also another great way to allow natural sunlight to filter throughout the home.

In warmer climates like Queensland, it is a good idea to use light colours and smooth surfaces to reflect the heat away from the home. Insulation material suited to the climate zone will help to moderate the inside temperature of the home.

Let’s hear from the experts

Burbank State Marketing Specialist Mitchell Symonds said orientation is key to ensuring your home is set up for the yearly seasons.

“We recommend being aware of the orientation of your new house on your block. Burbank has a range of pre-made floorplan options that easily flip the rear of your home to achieve this without disrupting the layout of the side of your block your garage needs to be placed on,” he said.

“When you build new, there are things you can do to maintain a constant temperature all year round – including those very hot summer days. Internal blinds and curtains won’t tick all the boxes for keeping your home naturally cool, because the sun is still able to pass through the glass.
“Consider external solutions such as awnings, shutters, and louvres to help keep that warmth out. When the sun hits them, they heat up, but the heat isn’t transferred inside. They’re adjustable too, which means you can still take advantage of the sun’s warmth in winter.”

Burbank has two luxurious display homes at Shoreline, the Graceville and Carseldine.

Tips for cooling and heating your home

  • Choose light colours and smooth material for roofing. These materials reflect more heat and reduce the amount of heat the home absorbs. Make sure you include reflective installation for walls and the roof
  • Create high level ventilation to maintain cooler indoor air temperatures
  • Curtains throughout the living areas and bedrooms helps to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Around 40% of heating energy can be lost through windows. Incorporating rugs or carpet on hard floors can also help control the temperature throughout your home
  • A well-insulated home will maintain its internal temperature much longer and need less power to heat or cool
  • Consider residential solar power as a guilt free option to help power your home. It’s good for the environment and good for your budget over the long term.


By building and designing for all seasons, you will not only improve the comfort of your home but will ensure you live well from winter right through to summer.

The Shoreline display village is a fantastic source of ideas and inspiration, and it’s all conveniently in one neighbourhood.

Download the Shoreline Display Village guide for more new home inspiration.

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