A stoke of creativity and colour for Shoreline electricity boxes


Splashes of colour and creativity has transformed two electricity boxes in the Shoreline community, forming a direct connection of the bush to the bay and the animals that inhabit the Moreton Bay region.

Students at Redland Bay State School took part in a cultural art workshop with First Nations artist, Libby Hayward, sharing stories about Connection to Country and the landscape and environment in Quandamooka Country.

The students then put pen to paper, inspired by their learnings, which Libby crafted into a collaborative art piece – now featured on the electricity boxes, situated in Ficus Place and Hydrangea Avenue.

“During the workshops, we talked about country and the relationship we have with it, while sharing stories and drawing pictures of the bush all the way through to the really important swamp lands and mangroves, right out into the ocean,” Libby said.

“I love working with kids to draw their own pictures in their own free way and have brought all these pictures together to create one big scene, that is being used on banner mesh at the Shoreline entrance and on the electrical boxes throughout the community.”

The collaborative artwork is also on display at Redland Bay State School’s Gordon Road entry. Click to watch the workshop in action