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Living Here
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Sustainability and Environment

At Shoreline, we will create an environment for people to live a life of balance. With nature as their backdrop, this is a simpler, lighter way of being.

Surrounded by Moreton Bay and natural bushland conservation areas, Shoreline’s physical environment inspires a new way of living on the bayside. One that carefully balances contemporary amenities with the beauty and tranquillity of nature.

As a master planned community, Shoreline’s urban character will be informed by its open spaces. The addition of new linear corridors plus hike and bike trails will connect the community, from bay to bush. A proposed boardwalk winds its way through the mangroves, and residents can walk, run or cycle along 2.8km of foreshore. It has also been designed to maximise connections and views to open space, Moreton Bay and natural bushland so as many homes as possible can benefit from the spectacular vistas. 

The subdivision of layouts at Shoreline will be based on a formulated grid to achieve desirable solar orientation, leafy streets, surveillance of public spaces and walkable neighbourhoods. A large open space network will be delivered, including linear, local and district level facilities as well as proposed access to conversation lands. The road networks have been planned and designed to link with the existing road infrastructure and provide a cohesive road network with safe traffic conditions.

For the residential development, Lendlease is collaborating with Redland City Council to ensure key development standards are met. The residential development of Shoreline has received federal environmental approval.

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